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Justo3D was founded by Eric Hunt who has been described by clients, mentors and colleagues as having an analytical mind backed with natural talents ranging from artistic to mechanical.

Barely a teenager and driven by a creative inclination, he began working for his father in the residential construction industry where he gained experience from every trade involved.

By the age of 22, he started his own custom woodworking business. This provided him the opportunity to work exclusively for contractors that empowered him with creative freedom. He used this freedom to design and fabricate things like custom staircases, fine cabinetry and fireplace surrounds. 

Contractors chose to work with Eric because they trusted in his belief that quality and style always came first. This quickly became his trademark as he strived to improve with each and every project. 

Hoping to further his intellectual growth, now in his 30's, Eric moved to Arizona where he took a position with a local cabinet manufacturer. Here, he spent the next 17 years as a vital part of helping the company evolve; from one built for mass-production, to one built around mass-customization. He reengineered all of the product lines and helped create new process technologies that enabled him to streamline manufacturing and increase productivity.

During this time, Eric continued to refine his abilities in using 3D design software. He discovered new avenues in which he could continue to be creative. Over the years, Eric realized that it was not the creativity that has driven him throughout his career: it was helping others bring their ideas to life! 

Guided by Eric's vision, Justo3D strives to exceed customer expectations, in developing content for their engineering, sales and business systems. Knowing that if a picture is worth a thousand words, what then is a high quality 3D model worth?

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