Working with Eric Hunt was a wonderful experience. Not only is he hard working, his attention to detail and responsiveness made it extremely easy to react to changes and get to a working solution quickly. Eric will work tirelessly to get the right solution, and his quality is hard to beat while remaining on schedule.
— Stephen Smith Jr
My experience with Eric is that he is an attentive listener, converts input to actionable ideas accurately, and is both respected and liked by those with whom he works. I found him to be positive, energetic and quick to grasp the conceptual framework of the project. He worked tirelessly and with a precise understanding of the technology, never losing sight of the needs of the business or its customers. I can confidently recommend Eric, a man of great talent, high integrity and a rock solid work ethic.
— Don Shultz
I have worked with Eric over the past year on product development using Sketchup and Dynamic Components.  In addition to his extensive understanding of Sketchup, Eric uses his vast manufacturing experience to help develop solutions that have real world applications that translate into lower cost and time saved.  Rather than focusing on a limited design solution, Eric will take the time to analyze the task at hand to create an engineered solution that is flexible and dynamic.  Additionally, Eric understands the importance of communication between all stakeholders and approaches each project accordingly.
— Brad Robins


To give our utmost attention and dedication to your projects. Never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their projects. We strive for honest customer service.